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I had the pleasure of photographing Halie’s maternity portraits yesterday! I really enjoy photographing Haile, she is such a natural in front of the camera. I often used her as my model when I felt like taking a photo adventure. She was always eager to help. We woke up super early Sunday morning and ventured out to the Sunflower field! I have been wanting to  take pictures in a sunflower field FOREVER, and I finally got the chance! We had beautiful lighting that morning and beautiful subjects to photograph! Both Halie and her husband were troopers, we tromped through dewy grass, wet sunflowers, bumble bee’s and the heat! It all paid off, we got some Beautiful shots! Thanks for being troopers and letting me create my vision! Hope you enjoy!

I had a Awesome session with Ryan! He kept me laughing our entire shoot! He was great in front of the camera, such a natural! Thanks Ryan for such a fun shoot! Congrats on your Senior year!



I had the pleasure of photographing Madison again this weekend. She is such a sweet and beautiful young lady. We had so much fun while taking her pictures despite the terrible storm that was moving in on Emerald Isle. Madison thanks for being such a great sport through the terrible wind. You are Awesome! Here are a few of my favorites!



Recently I photographed Halie and her little sister. It was a gift for their Mom on “Mothers Day”! We had so much fun taking pictures, well except for all the ticks! Halie’s sister is a great little model, she loved the camera! Thanks for letting me take your pictures, I had so much fun.

Yesterday evening a group of us photographer’s got together and played around with lighting. It was so nice to get together with a good group of friends and just take pictures for fun. Halie and Jon did a great job modeling! Here are a few pictures from the day!

This is my little brother Jason, of course he is not little any more but to me he is still little. I took some pictures of him the other day for fun. He is always gone out with friends, so I felt good when he wanted to hang out with me! I don’t have many recent pictures of him, so it was good that we had a day of taking pictures. He is such a good model, and of course handsome!  I had fun Jason, thanks for modeling for me!

Last weekend I decided to mess around with my camera. I borrowed my brother’s lovely girlfriend Halie as my model. She is so sweet and absolutely beautiful. I got some great shot’s of her. Thanks Halie for modeling! I had a blast.